"Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) (Volume 1), was one of those books that you "cannot put down."...I was transported into multiple times and dimensions, and it was if I was really there! I soon began to identify and fall in love with the characters as if I really knew them in my reality... is truly an amazing author and artist who uses words so well in her writing that you need simply to read her book and it is as if you have stepped into a new world with no television or technology needed; just your mind..."

I am in love with her work and her dark writing style, and I am sure that you will fall in love with them as well! 

"Tiffany Apan has a unique voice…a very unique voice that she uses to catapult her music beyond what other contemporaries have done."

"...listening to this album was a refreshing break from the harder edged music that I normally listen to...what you will find is absolutely haunting. Tiffany has a pretty unique sound. Her voice is very nice, sometimes reminding me of Nightwish singer Anette Olzon.

"Tiffany Apan has a very unique sound and look. Her latest CD, “Poet”, blends several genres—classical, theatre, gothic, folk, pop, and new age very effectively, while the unexpected chord changes, beautiful vocals and poetic lyrics will certainly appeal to a wide audience."

"Tiffany Apan has an amazing voice which works so well with the music which is of a very high standard. If you're after something that doesn't confine itself musically then you really should give 'Poet' a listen."

Poet is one of the year's best albums.

“Poet” may be just the beginning of a very fruitful and successful career....Vampires with an open-mind, metalheads with a broken heart and (omnivore) music fans must really have a listen to this original mix of songs and styles by this very talented lady.”

“Her album, Poet, is a vocal driven disc that flutters around the “beauty and beast” style of symphonic metal, but never becomes as bombastic as that genre can get. Magical and uplifting, this album will do nothing but enrich your spirit. ”

“Tiffany Apan's contribution to these tunes are in the vocal department...She has a strong and melodic voice, adding a high level of contrast to the dark musical foundation and a nice dramatic flair. Her vocal delivery lies somewhere between Lana Lane and Sarah Brightman in style...”

"(Tiffany) you killed it!" (review of acting performance in film, Fetish Dolls Die Laughing)

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