Pittsburgh Historical Music Society

Tiffany adds a rather unique twist to the PHMS Orchestra concerts by lending her vocals in both traditional folk and classical pieces




Created with the intent of bringing a vibrant, historical musical experience to life, the Pittsburgh Historical Music Society was founded in 2010.  The PHMS endeavours to perform on original instruments, in historical dress, and in historical venues. Lively and engaging, the Pittsburgh Historical Music Society’s interpretation of music transports the audience into the 18th and 19th centuries.

The PHMS orchestra has an authentic sound invoked by the use of period instruments including: violin, viola, cello, viol de gamba, bass, harp, wooden flutes, bassoon, and percussion. Vocal renditions of period songs add an enchanting element to the performance. Guest artists also participate using other period instruments for some programs.

The orchestra rehearsals occur on scheduled Sundays at the Depreciation Lands Museum. The orchestra is extraordinarily grateful to the DLM for their continued support. The PHMS is seeking venues for concerts in the 2016 – 2017 season. Please see our contact page to reach out to the Pittsburgh Historical Music Society if you would like to engage the orchestra in enhancing your event.

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