Watch our full Wayward Companions concert, meet our new member, and come to our party!

Hello friends!
We are happy to give you our entire concert at the Mennonite Meetinghouse in Historic Harmony, PA.

Thanks to Mark Fantozzi for being our 'camera guy' at several of our concerts! :)

We are also happy to announce that we have a fifth member! Cellist Mia Fantozzi has joined our wayward crew. She made her debut with us at Fort Henry Days, has played four shows with us, and we look forward to having her for many more. 

After enjoying our concert, please take a moment to check out our November event being held at the Depreciation Lands Museum, an 18th Century Fall Feast. Join us for an authentic 18th century setting with delicious period correct food, beverage, and of course music! Tom will also be back for this one, so you don't want to miss this. :)

Hope to see you all along the path!

Purchase tickets for our 18th century fall feast!

And check out the Wayward Companions at our website :)

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