On the Journey


As I look back on last year and what this year has so far brought, I can definitely tell you that it has been a year and a half of challenges and accomplishments, along with some new beginnings and breaking through some walls. All in all, the journey, with its smooth paths and rockier ones, has been worth it.

On July 1st (Indie Pride Day), I will be sending my book series, The Birthrite, on its first blog tour, courtesy of BraintoBooks.com. I will also be participating in an author takeover during the online Brain to Books Book Blast. More info can be found at the Shows & Events page.

Brain to Books

I am also happy to announce that I am giving my first official performance with the Pittsburgh Historical Music Society in Allison Park, PA on July 17. There is much more going on with that (which will be announced shortly), but you can check out more info on that performance at the Shows & Events page.

Another endeavor that I am excited about is the release of my scent line called Antiquity & Illusion. The line is inspired by my book series, The Birthrite, and will consist of potpourri, aroma beads, wax tarts, candles, and soap (the tarts and soap will be in the shape of various Celtic symbols). More products may be added later, but for now I will be working on the above mentioned. :)

The first two potpourri satchels are called Dreamscape: Sweet Dreams and Dreamscape: Nightmare. Sweet Dreams is a mixture of lavender, white, and pink foliage blend with the calming aroma of lavender and vanilla.
Nightmare is a blend of black, white, red, and purple foliage and has the intoxicating scent blend of patchouli and cedarwood (the aroma of Nightmare is inspired by the thick, sweet perfume prominent in the air during a scene at the Fleming Orphanage).

Coming soon is a new potpourri satchel called A Forest of Illusion and an aroma bead pack called Blood Moon.

High quality, therapeutic grade essential oils are used for the aroma blends.

Once I have more products made, I will be putting them through a cool photo shoot with more ambient lighting and fog. But for now, here is an idea of what the first two (Sweet Dreams and Nightmare) look like.

Dreamscape: Sweet Dreams

Dreamscape: Nightmare

I will also be putting prices on them soon and having them in the store and at appearances. :)


There is much more to come in the coming months and I look forward to bringing you updates on new projects and developments. Also check out my official blog for other ramblings. New things are happening...


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