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If you follow me on social media (Facebook, mainly), I did announce that I have a lot of cool news that will be released soon. Well, the first is the Brain to Books B2BCyCon and my involvement with it.


This will be my second year doing the CyCon, though I am doing a lot more this year. Last year was more of a 'test the waters' year where I only had my author booth/showcase, but the experience still turned out to be worthwhile and I met many awesome people that I am still in touch and collaborate with in one form or another. For the CyCon 2017, I and my books are involved in a few different events and will be posting links and such close to and during the convention.


In the meantime, here is a list of some of the events involving my work:


Story Time (the lovely Angela B. Chrysler will be reading an excerpt from Descent)

Horror Genre Blog Tour


Book Expo


The trailer for The Birthrite Series will be among the presented book trailers


I will be a moderator for Horror Hall (the horror genre discussion area)


Brain to Books Sci-Fi Soiree (Author Takeover Event)


My book, Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) will also be one of the items in the Sci-Fi Soiree grand prize giveaway. 



You can check out more on the expo at the following links:


B2BCyCon Website


B2BCyCon Fairgrounds


The cybercon will take place on Goodreads, Facebook, and YouTube, which means that you can attend in this from the comfort of your home. I will also be doing some updates at my blog and on my social media pages during the event. :)

I am also happy to announce that Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) will also be included in two charity auctions this month. Ayrshire College Comic Con in Scotland and The Northern Public Library Foundation in Wexford, PA (US) reached out to me in regards to raising funds for the college's food bank and the librayr's learning garden (which is meant to serve all ages and include sensory items to help stroke recovery, autism, learning disabilities, etc.).

Here is more information in the links below:

Northland Public Library Garden Gala

Northland Library, 300 Cumberland Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237


Ayshire College Comic Con

Ayr Campus, Riverside Building


If you are going to be in either of these areas, check out these amazing events! And since B2BCyCon is online, there is no excuse to not attend that one. :)

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